Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips Review

In this Beyond snacks Kerala banana chips review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes these chips so special. Kerala banana chips are made from a variety of bananas called Nendran, which is exclusive to the state of Kerala. These bananas are thick-fleshed and rich in fiber, making them perfect for chips. Beyond Snack’s Kerala Banana chips are made from these nendran bananas, and are renowned for their taste, texture, and experience.

The Perfect Snack For Satisfying Your Hunger!

  • Price 360 rs (pack of 4 – 100gm each)

The Beyond Snack banana chips are washed, sliced, and cooked entirely by machine, with no human interaction whatsoever. This ensures that the chips are perfectly clean and free of any contaminants. The seasoning and packing are also done entirely by machine, so you can be assured that the chips you eat are of the highest quality.

The best snacking experience can be provided with fresh, literally farm-fresh nendran bananas. These bananas should be separated from the plantain plants at a specific maturity and converted to chips as early as possible. Beyond Snack procures these bananas directly from a set of partnered farmers, so we have better control over this process. At a predefined maturity, which is desirable for the best banana chips, these bananas are separated together and converted into chips on the same day.

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy snack that won’t make you feel guilty, try sliced bananas that have been passed through cooking oil for only a few seconds. Our chips are 20% less fat and have zero cholesterol, and are trans fat-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. You won’t even taste the oil, but you’ll love the flavor!

Their air-puffed packaging will keep your chips safe from any external pressures, meaning no more broken chips and the precision slicer ensures that each slice is the same thickness, and they are cooked to perfection at pre-defined standards. This results in chips that are the perfect level of crispness and are suitable for any age group. They’re easy to bite into but still have that satisfying crunch.

Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips Come In 4 Flavours

Original Style

Beyond Snacks’ original style banana chips taste exactly recreates the old authentic flavor of banana chips. They’re prepared from fresh raw bananas and have an amazing flavor.


If you’re looking for a spicy treat, peri-peri is the way to go. Our peri-peri flavour is made with the highest standards of hygiene and quality, so you can enjoy it with your friends and family.

Sour Cream Onion Parsley

We have created a sour cream parsley flavor that is perfect for those who want to try a new, less spicy flavor. Our love for spicy food in Kerala is well known, but what about those who prefer less spice? That’s how beyond snacks Kerala banana chips came up with the sour cream onion flavor, a subtle flavor added to the naturally delicious chips. It is also a great recommendation for your international friends as it rightly combines traditional and international flavors.

Salt and Pepper

Everything tastes better with the right amount of salt and pepper, and banana chips are no exception. Beyond Snacks wanted to take the traditional snack and give it a modern twist by adding the most popular flavors. Try it and see for yourself. I will personally recommend this flavour.

DimpleDoodles Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips Review

If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy snack, look no further than Beyond Snack Kerala Banana Chips! These banana chips are made from real bananas and are baked to perfection. They’re the perfect snack for on the go or to enjoy at home. They’re the perfect blend of sweet and salty, and they’re so addicting. I’ve tried other brands of banana chips before, but none compare to the taste and quality of Beyond Snack.

Ratings – 9/10

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